Here’s what I know: aka. The Answers

I know you have a ton of questions. Most people do. You see, humans are pretty afraid of everything and the percentage of people that act despite their fears is shockingly low.

Even though you expect to get all of your questions answered here, the truth is the only way you will know if working with me is right for you is to give me a try and see for yourself.

I know every written word is a small act of bravery.

I specialize in bravery, not marketing

I believe if you act in faith toward your goals, there are no mistakes. The words I write are just tiny steps toward the life you want to create. And no amount of marketing will work without faith and integrity in your words.

I know everyone is in a rush these days. You want answers to hack productivity, hack Google, hack games, hack your life, hack, hack, hack.


With all that hacking your shoulders should be on fire (corny joke.)

I know you have excellent questions and I have amazing answers. So let’s talk about some of the FAQs I like to ask my clients.


Here’s what I would like to know about you before we get started.



When was the last time you went off script and said something that made you proud as punch?


What makes you get out of your warm cozy bed, get dressed and get out and do scary (out of your comfort zone) kinds of things.


What did you do just after the lowest point in your life?


Who’s pictures are you willing to put in a frame on your desk? (Those are the only opinions that matter.)


How far are you willing to go to make your dreams come true?


Email your answers to me. I personally read every single email and they are kept confidential until you say otherwise.

Take a small step toward bravery today and email me the answers [email protected]