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Write for Your Life TM Creative Workshops are for highly expressive creatives who want to display their individuality and show people their spirit and true character.


We know of the outcomes we want, but are unsure of how to verbally express yourself.

We have an idea of what we want to say, but can’t seem to make it manifest.

We feel awkward, shy and a little insecure.

I say embrace all of who you are. Don’t define yourself, find yourself!


In the Write for Your Life TM Creative Workshops, you will learn:

  • How to access creativity and inspiration
  • Increase attraction
  • Create new possibilities
  • Engage in creative techniques
  • Achieve long-standing desires
  • Acquire self-knowledge
  • Become a ‘million dollar moment observer’ in your own life

Do you feel like something about yourself is just not getting through to the outside world!

Write for Your Life TM  guides you into accessing the power of self expression. Find confidence, courage and charisma in self-expression. Learn to share your essence and soulful power within with others in away that leaves them in awe of all that you are.

Authentic personal power of expression lives inside of us and it can be grown, cultivated and developed.


Workshops are kept to small intimate groups of 10 people only one focus on 1  six key skills at a time. Live and online

Masterminds are 10 weeks. Each Participant has ‘hot seat’ individual coaching.


  1. Body language
  2. Find your unique super power
  3. Discover what’s holding you back and fix it.
  4. One on one communication
  5. Small group communication
  6. Mass communication